LifeShift II- Dragon Slayers / Tamers

It’s about the courage to confront and overcome current or future issues Dragon Slayers is the second in the Trilogy of the LIFESHIFT adventure.

Dragon Slayers builds upon the power, awareness and effectiveness  of The Phoenix Adventure workshop.

“When we judge others – we are only defining and limiting ourselves!”

“The moment we release ourselves from judging, we can instantly learn to truly love and accept ourselves.”

“Life is the adventure of conquering our dragons and revealing ones’ highest true Self”

Close the gap between everyday Living  and your True Potential

“When you tame your Dragons,  anything becomes possible in your life!”

Vision into Action

The ability to truly face and accept ourselves completely and unconditionally is not an easy task. We are like a house with many rooms – some clean and bright, some not so bright.

To have the ability and personal power to face out true selves the light and the shadow…– is probably the hardest of all abilities to acquire.

Forget Perfection – Begin to expect Amazing!

Personal transformation is about tidying the hidden past, that lives with us in the present (Leaks) , what ever it may have been, and preparing a way forward for the Now-Here and the future.

Once we are on the path of self discovery and self responsibility – the challenge is for us to clear as much as possible of our hidden stuff (conscious and unconscious) that holds us back. The challenge is to remove the beliefs, values and perspectives that prevent us from seeing and living life the way it really is.


It’s about new perspectives.

Beliefs, experiences and inflexible perspectives all had their own power and influence in clouding the issues of our past. Their time has come!

Dragon Slayers is about the Courage, Commitment and Clearing. A Dragon Slayer faces their greatest challenge in themselves. The challenge of life isn’t on the outside – it’s in our inner-verse.

It’s about not running away any more, not blaming anymore, not hiding anymore! It’s about turning around and taking your personal power back. Your power to ACT. It is about clearing the slate. It gives us the power to handle what ever comes up for us!


What You will leave with…

  • More Fun, freedom, peace & happiness.
  • Clarity of purpose, Cause and Calling
  • New attitudes, values and beliefs
  • New Personal Power strategies
  • Enhanced relationship strategies
  • Enhanced self-worth, self-esteem, self-trust
  • Increased capacity for change, learning and new challenges
  • New friends
  • Greater awareness & Confidence
  • Increased levels of personal excellence
  • Freedom & Peace
  • Personal power – The Ability to Act
  • Powerful Time-Line Vision
  • Higher levels of self responsibility
  • More choices & enhanced self management

Duration: 3/4 days (depends upon modules to be included)

Notes will be provided, as well as a certificate of completion.


PreRequisites: Participants must have completed The Phoenix Adventure.

Why wait to be Great?

Get the Freedom and the Confidence – TODAY!

 From Brigitte Taschl 12 Dec 99

Dragon, you look so fearsome! So tall, towering over me,

your dreadful claws so close to my face!

I have looked at you a thousand times. I used to cower in fear,

your sight is hard to bear, but I have learnt:

all I need to be safe is to have a steady eye, my feet planted firmly on the ground.

That way I am invincible.

I let you blow your fiery breath at me, and over me, and right through me, whilst I stand still and just let it be.

I know this way your breath won’t burn me.

I can see, now that my eyes have become accustomed to your sight, that you are more smoke than fire, that you were formed from insubstantial matter.

You can dissolve, like clouds can form in a bright blue sky and dissolve again in a few moments.

I have come to know you and know that you are real and yet you’re not, and I am now on friendly terms with you

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Areas of your life that will be shifted:

  1. Low Self Esteem.
  2. Negative Self Image
  3. Depression (Anger without enthusiasm )
  4. Hurts. suffering, loss, jealousy, anger
  5. Financial attitudes
  6. Resilience.
  7. Anxiety levels
  8. Self Healing
  9. Spirituality & consciousness
  10. Relationships
  11. Goals
  12. Wealth