LifeShift III – The Alchemist

Your journey from fear, hurt. loss, low self esteem & pain – to freedom, love, abundance, meaning, peace and joy.

To create our own future isn’t the real challenge

The real challenge is in discovering and revising our limiting beliefs that we guard so closely, and perpetuate so intently, that keep us back from our greatness.

The adventure of Life is the GREATEST opportunity to experiment and develop the ability to truly face, accept and love ourselves completely and unconditionally. It is surely not an easy task.

The Alchemist is about turning our heaviness (Lead) into higher vibrational lightness (Gold). Its about doing what most people seem to think/ believe is not possible.

The Alchemist. (130 Hours+)

+ 1 x 32Hrs Weekend

+ 6 x Full Saturday sessions (8 Hours)

+ 8 x 1 Hour Weekly Personal coaching sessions

+ 8 x 3 Hour Weekly group & Buddy sessions


During this section we look at your association, limitations and meanings given to abundance, wealth and prosperity.

We explore leading-edge research – AFT (Attractor Field Therapy) and AdaptAgility. to discover why and how you have attracted and created your current lifestyle.

We discover competitive belief and mental “thought-viruses” that prevent you from succeeding.

We create, design, plan and begin to implement your new lifestyle blueprint.


The Alchemist is designed for you to begin to become the powerfully creative aspect of your life.

You will be guided, coaxed and coached to take action and create results. You will gain the skills, tools, power and momentum to turn your distant dreams into your everyday reality!

We also disclose and discuss findings of the latest research on Human Consciousness, Intention, PNI and, brain learning, Dis-eases and Personal Success.



Pre Requisites

  • Phoenix Adventure and Dragon Slayers experiences
  • Total Commitment to your personal self Identity reengineering process.
  • Limited to 20 students per cycle.

    The Alchemist

    “ The Alchemist turns “lead” into “gold”… heavy dark energy into light… bright confident energy. A challenging adventure of creating a new reality…new energy, new beliefs, new behaviors, new results and true success of health, wealth and happiness.”

    Areas of your life that will be shifted:

      1. Low Self Esteem.
      2. Negative Self Image
      3. Depression (Anger without entheusiasm )
      4. Hurts. suffering, loss, jealousy, anger
      5. Financial attitudes
      6. Resilience.
      7. Anxiety levels
      8. Self Healing
      9. Spirituality & consciousness
      10. Relationships
      11. Goals
      12. Wealth


    Fiery Tiger – Tony Dovale