The Phoenix Adventure

Are you ready for more Fun, Freedom, Success, Abundance and Happiness?

Discover and release what is holding you back from achieving your dreams

We all long for fun, freedom, love, happiness and power.

But are we still prisoners of our past and fearful of our future?

With our thinking, we create our own prisons in Paradise.

We’re constantly living through our past into our futures, with no real focus, passion or power in the present moment of NOW.

It’s time to honestly engage with the issues that affect the heart of your life. It’s time to take back your power.

So many people are locked into a prison of Comfort Zones and automated fear-based reactivity.

Few break out of the fears of ”what will others think”, or the blaming, guilt, anger and shame of “what’s happened in the past…”.

Many will live this way forever. For us it’s now time for change!

Time to open up to possibilities of living in a profoundly new and free way.

We know that with intention, support, trust, caring and a friendly safe private space, we can transform our lives.

We can clear our stumbling-blox and turn them into stepping-stones. We can let go of the blame, anger and hurt.

Transformation will take as long as YOU want it to.

Why not tap into new possibilities, new beliefs, new states and new visions? – Why not you and why not NOW?

We engage in ongoing internal self-dialogue of humiliation, anger, self-blame and self-distrust, which undermines everything we do.

We disguise our frustrations, fears, anger, low self-esteem, unhappiness and lack of self-confidence behind a mask of indifferent “I’m ok” arrogance.

It’s time to set yourself free.

Time to live a life of exciting adventure and enjoyable discovery.

It’s time to rediscover your Joy and your Power.

It’s time to harness your power of your NOW.

We all live, unwittingly, with “energy leaks” in our lives. Some people leak more into the past and some leak into the future.

We typically pray that no-one will ever see the real truth through the cracks in our well planned masks.

By reclaiming and regaining our lost consciousness, energy and awareness, we regain our Soul, our Love, our Purpose and our Power to act authentically and fearlessly.

You are ready to know… IT IS TIME For you to implement your “NOW” factor. It’s time to get your act together.

It’s time to reclaim, redesign, recreate and renew yourself.

It’s time to make those changes you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s time to step over your fears and do it! It’s time to get into the drivers seat and turn your life into an exciting adventure once again.

It’s time to get the real YOU back!

That fun loving, warm hearted, active, vibrant, creative kind Soul, who has come to make a difference in this world.

All we really have is NOW.

What are you doing with your NOW? For how long are you going to continue to be a prisoner of the past?

We offer the opportunity to coach and support you along a path of action-oriented, experiential learning and interaction that calls for your complete and committed participation.

This will allow you to observe your patterns of thinking, believing and limitations, enabling you to act in new ways to create new states, new feelings and new results you desire in your life.

During this intensive private workshop experience, you are gently guided, and led, through purposely and carefully designed sequences of potent experiential steps that empower you to discover, isolate, and resolve negative conditioning, energy loss, leaks, limiting beliefs, mind-lines and invisible restrictions to enable you to recover your natural state of Peace, Confidence and Wholeness.

This adventure will enable you to let go and reclaim your natural balance of Self, Love and Self-Esteem.