LifeShift1 – PHOENIX Adventure

This is your Your 1st potent step towards FREEDOM and REAL SUCCESS in all areas of your life… Creating more Freedom, LOVE, MEANING, Abundance, PEACE, and Joy.   More Personal Power & Emotional Resilience.

You get to experience …a simple, safe, reliable, proven process, of rediscovering and unleashing your best SELF; of reinventing an entirely new, happy, healthy, kind, caring, loving, complete, and free… ‘ME.’

This workshop is designed for all to come, play, learn, explore, release, unleash, and experience, amazing new possibilities of Consciousness, awareness and choice.

Choose to become an successful and powerful Inner-gineer… You deserve to become the best version of yourself.. possible.

Will you make the commitment to invest 3 days to set yourself free from the past, and dramatically improve the rest of your life in every area?

So, where do you go to rest and rejuvenate your Soul?

Are you always trying to get “home” but never feel at home.

Take 3 days to totally transform your, past and present, forever.

Do you want this next year to be exactly the same as last year?

Together we’ll reduce the amount of suffering and static you create and feel in your life, and increase your levels of happiness, peace, resilience, self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, joy and energy.

The Phoenix Adventure workshop offers a state of-the-art approach to living on a more conscious, aware, open, free and vibrant level.


Phase 1 of Your Soul Surgery Adventure

The first phase of LIFESHIFT, The Phoenix Adventure and the Phoenix Personal Transformation Process , is a personal development / self awareness/ transformation / life coaching weekend.

It is about learning to connect with those parts of ourselves that we’ve lost contact with, in a safe, supportive and engaging environment.

Throughout the Phoenix Adventure personal-development workshop we coach and support you to explore those parts of yourself that offer greatest opportunity for freedom from past limitations.

Those same parts that keep you completely stuck on your past or future, completely missing out on your power of NOW FACTOR.

You will have the opportunity to explore the nature of consciousness, challenge yourself beyond measure, and face your darkest shadows and brightest lights, to set yourself free to SOAR to higher heights.


Phoenix Personal Transformation process

The Phoenix Adventure and the Phoenix Personal Transformation process is an adventure of Self-discovery and DEEP personal transformation and innergy healing, that forms the foundation of our LifeShift Personal Transformation life-coaching process in South Africa.

It’s an opportunity to optimize your life; to optimize your energy and innergy, attitudes and shift results for the better, forever.

The Phoenix Adventurenture is truly transformational, in that The Phoenix Adventure workshop offers a new framework of possibility, from which we can choose to live our lives with a foundation of response-ability.

Through leading-edge processes and very powerfully engaging contexts, you will identify your old limiting beliefs, and release them forever.

The Phoenix Adventure is about exploring the possibility for you to become absolutely whole, healed, calm, peaceful, energetically powerful and ready to soar with joy, freedom and stress free.

Ready to FLY?

“Come to the edge, he said.
They said, we are afraid.
Come to the edge! he said.
They came. He pushed them…and they flew!”

– by Guillaume Apollinaire



It’s time to stop letting your past dictate how you show up in the present – NOW.

It’s your opportunity to break out of feeling trapped, limited or inadequate.

It’s your chance to take back control of your life and your reactions to life.

During this life-changing semi-residential adventure-shop, we will support, engage, encourage and challenge you to take charge of your life.

You’ll be guided through step-by-step processes, enabling you to begin to fully unlock your vast and untapped potential.

At a certain juncture in our hectic lives, circumstances will prevail which notify you clearly that it’s time for change.

Now is this time. It’s time to take back your power. It’s time to heed your Souls calling.

We all have areas in our lives which desperately require some kind of movement, resolution, healing and just plain need to be put behind us.

There are those times when, the rut we call life, has just become too narrow, too tight, too restrictive, too uncomfortable, and too small to be allowed to continue any longer.

  • Why don’t we use our power now?
  • We all have the power:
  • The power to choose a better way.
  • The power to choose a different response.
  • The power to chooseto feel differently.
  • The power to stop stressful thoughts.
  • The power to set yourself free…
  • The power to BE a whole lot more. But do we?

It’s time to discover the true power of who you really are. The Phoenix Adventure is about empowering and supporting you to make the longest journey in your life. The journey from your head to your heart.

From thought-prison to paradise present.> Through an extremely powerful experiential workshop, we guide you on a step-by-step journey of taking back your personal power and releasing whats been holding you back forever.

This is a new beginning, a new perspective and an opportunity to reclaim your passion and purpose.

Our main challenge is typically that we are not aware enough… or conscious enough, to be able to choose response-ably.

We somehow seem to continue to be run by our old mental software.

Constant thought-viruses undermine our present state and experiences.

It’s now time! It’s time… to really discover and release what’s been holding you back.

It’s time… to release the what, the where, the why, and the how that you use, to keep yourself from succeeding and fully enjoying your life.

It’s time…to let go of the “Static” from the past, and begin to live more fully in the moment of “Now”.

It’s time… to begin to reclaim your core essence and energy, and release the cellular memory and blocks that you unconsciously, and consciously, use to hold you back.


 The Phoenix Bird

Just like the Phoenix bird – Transformation of the old into the new is an ongoing process that can, for some, take many years.

The saying goes: “Time heals everything” – We have a differing perspective.

We know that you can achieve this NOW. NOW is all we have!

The Phoenix Adventure workshop is a precisely harmonized sequence of powerful experiential, action learning activities, in a confidential and safe space, which includes group interactions, experiential games, guided imagery, imagineering, journaling, and insightful personal inquiry.

The entire process is supported and designed to assist each person to get in touch with, and embrace, the real Self.


We know that with support, trust, caring and a friendly space we can transform ourselves in almost an instant. It will take as long as YOU want it to take!

You will have your issues for as long as you CHOOSE to have them! You will carry your baggage for as long as YOU choose.

We carry some kind of “baggage”, created by the inevitable ups and downs of living, hidden away beneath our carpet-of-life, believing that we are the only ones to have this baggage, and praying that no one will see the truth through the cracks in our “MASK”.

We deny our “SHADOWS”, and engage in an internal dialogue of hate, humiliation, hurt and distrust. We hide our frustrations, angers, low self-esteem, unhappiness, resentment and lack of self confidence behind a mask of indifferent arrogance, hoping in desperation that one day we can “LET IT ALL GO” now.

Why carry anything anymore? Why continue to be driven by your history? It’s time to live fully NOW.

Very often, we incorrectly identify ourselves by the actions and events we have experienced.

This can lead to negative judgment of ourselves and others, as well as an intolerance and a lack of acceptance of uncertainty, rejection, failure, loss, and the whole range on “negative” emotions we usually tend to put ourselves through each day.

I am here to tell you that that day has arrived. With the new transformation tools, technologies and insights available today, we are now able to simply, and gently, resolve issues that would previously have taken months and years.

Tools like Emotionetics, Releasing, Resilience, Rejuvenation, Proactive Menory Rewrite, and Limitless  leadership, enables anyone to take charge of their Present Moment space, and state, in life, and begin to redesign a new way of BEING.

A lighter, happier, healthier way of encountering and experiencing the world.

The Phoenix Adventure is for people who feel that there has to be more. More than what they currently have, more than the endless repetition of the same-old same-old… And they want it now!

Make the space, take the time to value, appreciate and encounter the real you.

You WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. Why wait to be great – Aren’t you worth it?



Transforming the past to create a powerful NOW.

What you will gain…

  • Fun, Freedom, Peace, and Happiness.
  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Love Insight to your behaviors, shadows,
  • Attitudes and beliefs Clarity of Purpose, Direction, Goals and Priorities.
  • Develop new supportive Attitudes, Values and Beliefs
  • Develop new Personal Power Strategies
  • Develop Enhanced Relationship resiliency
  • A more caring and compassionate disposition
  • Your Time line layout
  • Clearing the past & creating the future
  • Enhanced Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Trust.
  • Increased enthusiasm for change, growth and learning
  • Resolve incompletions and unmet needs
  • New friends (Specifically yourself!)
  • Greater personal AWARENESS
  • increased levels of Personal excellence and consciousness
  • Insights to your old emotional programmes
  • Trust, Truth, Integrity and Joy
  • FREEDOM and release from the past “static”
  • Confidence and personal power
  • Improved health awareness (Mental, Physical and Emotional)
  • Clarity of your Beliefs, Values and Attitudes, Wants and Needs.
  • Transformed limiting beliefs.

Take the step towards fun, freedom and love – It’s the LIGHT thing to do today

Phoenix Adventure Leaflet Phoenix Workshop Attendees Instructions



Phoenix Adventure Pre-requisites:

The decision, the will, and commitment that you are valuable, worthy and lovable, and fully deserve to have and experience much more in life.

The decision to take yourself to the next level of consciousness and awareness.

Open-mindedness to be willing to explore new paradigms and push your limiting boundaries to new realms.

Duration: Weekend – Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)

Notes will be provided, as well as a certificate of completion.

Testimonial: “This workshop was the turning point of my life – Lynne Baker (CEO Monte Casino Conference Services”

Contact Tony on 083-447-6300 or 011 467-1763

Areas of your life that will be shifted:

  1. Self Esteem.
  2. Self Image
  3. Depression (Anger without enthusiasm )
  4. Hurts: suffering, loss, jealousy, anger
  5. Financial attitudes
  6. Resilience
  7. Anxiety levels
  8. Self Healing
  9. Spirituality
  10. Consciousness
  11. Relationships
  12. Goals
  13. Wealth