LifeShift Personal Transformation Process.

Move to mastery of your life, rather than be at the effect of it

When people participate and  share regarding their insights, perceptions and misperceptions… other participants  often discover  they see their own stuff and stories more vividly reflected in someone else’s experience.

A large part of the value participants receive from the lifeShift Experience is the reflection, mindfulness and discoveries they see of themselves in others’ sharing and revelations.

A powerful shift is in an enhanced relationship within and with themselves.

Our LifeShift Reflection experiences enable people to safely observe themselves s… These techniques enable people to switch their focus and attention from seeing their projections and concepts about themselves, to directly observing their experience of themselves.

This is facilitated in a ‘safe space’ – that is completely safe for them to do just that. 

In our “safe container” there is no expectation that you be, do or prove anything.

NO need to keep up any appearances.

In the LifeShift container whatever IS… is, is not used to justify, validate, excuse or explain a point of view.

The LifeShift processes are simply opportunities to look directly into one’s experience, judgements, decisions, and observe what’s going on there.

For example, there is a process in which people are asked to select a life impacting issue from among those they have and then to explore, discover, see specifically which mental shifts. thoughts and  experiences are linked and associated with that problem

  • which body sensations in which specific locations in the body,
  • which emotions or feelings,
  • which attitudes, states of mind, mental states or points of view,
  • which postures, ways of holding themselves, gestures,
  • ways of moving, habitual actions and countenances,
  • which thoughts,  evaluations, judgments, things they have been told or read,
  • conclusions, reasons, explanations and decisions,
  • and which memories. sounds, pictures, etc  are associated with that issue.

People discover remarkable things about their problems – for instance that there are body sensations felt when and only when that problem intrudes into  their lives – a fact they had not noticed before.

Some LifeShift processes last for 15-20 minutes… others might go on longer.

Participants are invited to share discoveries, new choices, and whatever insights or awareness they’ve had.

From this process the participants customize the experience for themselves.

Participants think there is something they GET from our workshops, when in reality…They leave with nothing they didn’t always have already…

Each part of the workshop experience becomes real for participants by virtue of firsthand experiencing of themselves, not from conceptual projections and projection or from someone else’s perceptions.

The LifeShift experience is not a classroom in which the aim is to agree or disagree with a concept or theory.

In the workshop experience, we facilitate safe spaces, and contexts, in a way that allows participants to fully discover what their actual experience is.

Participants in the training report and give evidence of obtaining great value from getting to the core of their points of view, their unexamined assumptions,  exclusive explanations, and justifications.

Socrates said…. Know thyself…   To know about and to experience and know are different…

You may know about love. but not really know love.

Just as you can know all about the concept of riding a bicycle…without having the experience, expertise or the ability to actually ride a bicycle.

The LifeShift experience is about the real experience of love, the ability to love and the ability to experience being loved, and just the concept or story of it.

Same with  happiness … Our experience is about the experience of happiness, and the ability to be happy, share happiness… not just the concept, story or theory of happiness.

In short, the training is about who we are, not what we do, or what we have, or what we do not do or do not have.

It is about the self as the SELF.

The LifeShift experience where you experiences a transformation -a mindshift…..from being a victim or character in the story of your life….  to being the creator and space in which the story occurs – you shift from actor to creator – from result to cause.

A new paradigm to approach the experience of being complete.

In the LifeShift Experience, the experience of being at the effect of life – of having been put here, and having to suffer the circumstances of life, of being the bearer or victim of life, or at best, of succeeding or winning out over the burdens of life-shifts to an experience of originating life the way it is – creating your experience as you live it – in a space uniquely your own.

In that space, the problems of life take on an entirely different significance. They literally pale, that is, become lighter – or enlightened.

One sees, quite sharply, that who one is simply transcends and contextualizes the content with which one has been concerned.

If you were to sit quietly in an empty room for while quietly looking at what we do and how we live, and at how much time we spend doing things that we pretend are important to us,  most of us would find that we spend more time pretending  than in creating the amazing experience of our lives.

Observe people – notice most of the time when we are  interacting with others, we are pretending.

We get so proficient at pretending that we eventually stop noticing that we are pretending.

We become ‘unconscious’ of pretending.

We are really three people. First, there is the one we pretend to be. No one escapes this.

Every one of us has an ACT – a front – a facade – a mask that we wear in the world that tells the world who we are pretending to be. We think we need this to get along in life and be successful.

Underneath that mask is the person we are afraid we are – the person who thinks those small, nasty, brutish thoughts we try to hide, because  we think we are the only one who thinks them, until we are willing to accept that we do actually think them, and only then notice everyone  else does too.

Until we confront our own smallness, we do not experience our real size.

The truth is, we can only be as high as we can  confront and take responsibility for being low.

Some people find this idea annoying. If you have spent your whole life proving you are not a fool, it is annoying to be called a fool.

(A fool is one caught in his own pretense.) We are all very careful not to make fools of ourselves or not be fooled.

Many see it as the ultimate  disgrace.

Only a fool pretending not to be a fool would be afraid of  making a fool of himself.

A fool presenting himself as a fool would have no problem with it, just as one who knows he is not a fool would have no problem making a fool of himself.

Similarly, a man secure in his masculinity has no problem expressing feminine qualities. Each time we try to prove we are not fools we reinforce the belief that we must prove that we are not.

Underneath these two ‘selves’ – the ‘front’ and the ‘hidden’ – is the one  we really are – under the one we work at being, the one we try to be,  the one we are pretending to be, and underneath the one we do not want to be, the one we are avoiding being, and the one we fear we are.

The extent to which we can allow ourselves to confront – to experience and be responsible for – the pretense and trying, the avoidance and fear, is the extent to which we can be who we really  are.

The LifeShift process and experience is a consolidation of the most powerful and effective experiences on this planet.

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale.